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Advantages of professional window cleaning

At DMH window cleaning we take pride in offering a first class service. Here are some of the many advantages of choosing us for your commercial window cleaning.

• Professionalism- windows cleaned by an experienced professional are far better than an amateur job. We will ensure that there will be no streaks, smears or dirt left behind. We want you to be happy with the cleaning service we provide so we always work at times that will result in minimum disruption to your business. We are trusted by many businesses in Ipswich, Kesgrave, Martlesham and Woodbridge and can offer you references on request.

• How your company is perceived is extremely important. Clean windows and a well maintained façade would show your customers and potential customers that you take pride in your business. If you take care of a small detail of your business such as having your windows clean, then to your customer’s perception you are likely to take care of every fine detail within the way your business is operated.

• Regular scheduled cleaning is peace of mind for your business. High quality shine, cleaned exactly when needed would ensure your business always looks it’s best. We are available to clean your business twice weekly, weekly, fortnightly and monthly and will tailor our cleaning to suit your business needs.

• Your business will be liable if there are any injuries or damage to staff, customers, or property as a result of having uninsured people cleaning your windows. With 18 years experience and full public liability Insurance we save you the safety concerns.

• Traditional chemical cleaning is hazardous for the environment. We use the latest water fed pole technology. We clean with purified water which is a more environmentally friendly and a sustainable cleaning solution. The water is contaminant free, and leaves no watermarks or smears so it will not damage or stain your building in any way.

Advantages of professional domestic window cleaning

• Leave the safety issues of cleaning your windows to a professional. Climbing a ladder to get to hard to reach windows poses a risk of you falling or breaking a window. Are you insured if this happens? Safety is important to DHM window cleaning that is why we have full public liability Insurance. Many people in Ipswich, Kesgrave, Martlesham and Woodbridge where we work, trust us.

• There is a good chance that when you clean your windows yourself there will be streaks, which can be difficult to remove, and it can defeat the purpose of washing your windows.We have been professional window cleaners for 18 years and will guarantee to always leave your windows streak free and cleaner for longer.

• Windows are porous and pollutants such as hard minerals and overspray (paint, chalking etc.) will infuse into the glass. Regular cleaning prevents permanent damage. To prevent glass degradation it is advisable to have the windows cleaned a minimum of two times a year to keep the glass sparkling.

• It is more affordable than you think and it’s a small price to pay if you value your time. Check out our prices page we start from £10 per house!

• Sparkling windows, window frames and sills makes your home look better. It shows you care about the home you have, and it allows more natural light in. It’s a good idea to have your windows cleaned especially for important events at your home, or when you plan to sell your home, as sparkling windows will show it off best.

• Environmentally friendly- purified water is a sustainable cleaning solution and far better for the environment than cleaning with hazardous chemicals. Our water fed pole-cleaning system is ideal for hard to access windows and since we don’t use ladders there is maximum safety and privacy while we clean at your property.

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